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Fiona's Story


Let me first tell you a little about myself and how I became a patient of Anna's.  I was born with a very extensive facial disfigurement called an Cavernous Haemangioma with ravished two thirds of my face also destroying much of my facial bone structure.  Over most of my life I have had over 100 surgical operations to correct this.  My treatment has included many bone graft, skin grafts and prosthetics being used in the rebuilding of my face.  When I say I have my foot in my mouth, I do literally mean it!  Ha ha !!


I would like to tell you about my experience under the care of Anna Porter.  I easily built up a good relationship with Anna due to her friendly manner and genuine want to help people.  As we chatted Anna was surprised to learn that I used high street make up products, and not had the help and advice of a trained camouflage artist like herself.   My previous concerns had been that it would look very thick, plastic and unnatural looking; Boy was I wrong on that!! She was aware and understood that just because I have a disfigurement does not mean that I cannot still be a little vain, and enjoy making myself look nice! The fact that Anna sees past the physical to recognise the physiological benefits the camouflage can give, is a great professional attribute not to be underestimated.  Anna made the process very enjoyable and wanted to be sure that she found the best product and shade most suited to me and my needs.  Never did I feel rushed and Anna obviously enjoyed being able to help me.  I saw Anna in a nice environment.  The advice and care was always aimed at encouraging me and enabling me to get the best results from the products I had chosen.  


I finally have the coverage I wanted and I feel nice wearing my Camouflage products, and yes it certainly does improve your confidence in everyday life.  I have had many compliments about how good it looks and also people never guess that it is camouflage as the feel, look and colouring is of such a natural appearance.

Thank you Anna for all your care, help and advice and after care, you are a special lady with a lovely caring and professional manner about you.

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